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Police focus on fingerprinting to find authors of scare leaflets

A house with warnings written on the walls in Masaka

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | As the dropping of threatening leaflets continues across the country, police have warned that whoever shows up claiming to have picked such anonymous letters will be subjected to fingerprinting and interrogation.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga said they have noticed that people writing and dropping leaflets with aggressive information are within such communities. It is against such suspicions that police have cautioned the public against touching dropped flyers.

Enanga said the purpose of grilling people claiming to have picked the anonymous letters is to establish whether they are not the actual authors with the view triggering fears among residents.

The public, according to police, should not tamper with any frightening brochure but ensure they alert area leaders or the nearby police station. Police believe that if these leaflets are not tampered with, the sniffer dogs could help to trace for the authors.

“If someone has not received this warning and comes saying he has picked a leaflet; we shall start with him,” Enanga said. “Some of these threats are rotating on land and domestic disputes. Why would one threaten only four people in a village that has more than 1000 people?”

At least 28 people have been killed in greater Masaka by machete wielding people in the last six weeks. Masaka killers first issued threatening leaflets and in some cases people who were threatened were later killed.

As Masaka killings are going silent, leaflets with threats of attacks have been dumped in several parts of the country. So far 10 districts including Kampala, Wakiso, Mityana, Mukono, Kamuli, Bushenyi, Bukomansimbi and Mitooma have received the hostile letters.

Although police say there is no evidence that criminals have fulfilled their threats, they urge the public to be vigilant. On September 4th, leaflets were dropped at Kisarabwe village in Masindi threatening six people including Ojok (Chairman), Kamanyire Aston, Mugisa Magambo, Kyamanywa Ibrahim Nyakana Fred and Byaruhanga.

In Seeta – Namanoga village in Mukono district, a four page anonymous letter threatened area Chairman Kityo Joseph and 7 others. The group called themselves the Kijambiya Force 2021 -2027 promised to attack within six days but nothing has since happened.

In Mitooma district, five leaflets were dumped at Nyamabare village threatening four people namely Tukasingura Joan, Mutabazi John, Muhangira Domiana, Muhanguzi Abby and Bigaraho Justine. It’s now five days and no one has been attacked.

In Kamuli district, Nalubowa Florence, a teacher and resident of Buwalala village, was threatened through a leaflet. The message indicated that they need two heads of her family members. But three days later no one has been attacked.



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