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A-Plus responds in Ssemwanga funeral case

Ssemwanga’s children at his burial. PHOTO ZARI FACEBOOK

Kampala, Uganda | GODFREY SSALI A Plus Funeral Management Company Ltd has also filed a response to a case filed against it and Bank of Uganda over money thrown into the grave of the late Ivan Ssemwanga at his burial.

Mgugu Abey petitioned the High court in Kampala accusing A Plus Management of looking on as the National currency was being misused by youths from the Rich Gang team.

He wants the court to order A Plus Management, exhume Ssemwanga’s body, remove the money he was buried with and put it back into circulation.

However A Plus Managing Director Ronald Zaake denies ever being contracted by Mgugu to bury Ssemwanga but rather was hired by deceased’ family, relatives and friends to manage his funeral which work A Plus did to their satisfaction.

Zaake further states that his contract did not extend to determining the choice of the manner of send off by the deceased’ family, relatives and friends, therefore Mgugu had no right to right to file the case in regard to the funeral as no right of his had been infringed.

He now wants Mgugu’s case that is riddled with speculation and hearsay dismissed with costs.

Justice Margaret Oguli Oumo has fixed the same for hearing on August 21, 2017.

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