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Noah Kyaaka; Poultry farmer

By the Indepenent Team

When Noah Kyaaka joined Makerere University for his bachelor’s degree in Development Studies in 2005, his only wish was to graduate with a first class honors, which would earn him a juicy job with any of the top NGOs. Though he got his First Class degree, his wish for a well-paying job never came to reality because he failed to get a job after a full year of searching. In 2013, his father advised him to quit job-hunting and consider starting his own business. Three ideas came to mind; poultry farming, trading in electronics and growing vegetables.   “I chose poultry farming as I was well-conversant with the basics having mastered them from my mother at home,” says Kyaaka. The biggest challenge to him was transitioning from the urban life in Kyebando a Kampala suburb to Bombo dozens of miles away from Kampala City. He made the courageous move. With capital of Shs 15 million, he set out by constructing housing facilities, purchasing chicks, feeds and other resources. The rest is now history.

Success tips; plan, maximize quality

Kyaaka advises individuals who intend to engage in any business to start with a business plan. “Even if you have the money, you should first seek information and carefully plan if you’re to comfortably manage a small or large farm,” he says.  He adds that the quality and quantity of feeds and water, stocking density, drinkers and feeders and disease control strategies greatly affect the laying capacity of the flock so the poultry farmer should look out for the best to make feasible returns.

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