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Politics of death

The way we mourn leaders reveals what unites and divides us | THE INDEPENDENT | Two countries mourned the deaths of very different leaders in March and April 2021. In the UK, the media was dominated by stories about Prince Phillip – an unelected but nonetheless prominent public figure – …

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Why women fail to get the small families they want

And the government fails to get the desired ‘demographic dividend’ Uganda has a bad population structure, according to population and development experts. They say Uganda’s population structure has a broad base; meaning it comprises mainly children and young non-working people aged below 14 years, making it the country with the …

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Briquette maker turns the heat on charcoal

Conservationist starts venture to use up 65% of harvested trees that often goes to waste Kampala, Uganda | RONALD MUSOKE | Uganda’s tropical high forests have been declining rapidly and conservationists have been relentless in sounding the alarm over their imminent disappearance in the next two decades unless something is …

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Boosting tax compliance

Uganda study shows text messages can work | ISABELLE COHEN | Every government needs money to fund its political, social and economic duties. Much of what they spend is generated from taxes, fines and sales of public goods and services. The exchange of these revenues for government services is at …

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DRC in EAC : What you should know

Shortly after his controversial electoral victory in early 2019, the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Felix Tshisekedi sought to get his country admitted into the East African Community. Recently, the East African Community ministers recommended the DRC’s admission, a decision set to be formalised by the bloc’s …

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COVID-19 has changed financial services forever

Banks   must embrace the new normal characterized by the iniquitousness of technology | JAMES KARAMA | Covid-19 can be categorized as a black swan event—-a rare, unexpected, unpredicted, and undirected event that caused major disruptions. The efficiency with which the virus spreads, its exponential nature, and lethal attributes, have turned …

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