Thursday , December 1 2022
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Raila’s third petition

A comparison of Uganda and Kenya’s presidential election maneuvers  Kampala, Uganda | IAN KATUSIIME | After a dramatic last day filing of his presidential election petition at the Supreme Court of Kenya challenging the outcome of the Aug.9 election, Raila Odinga was caught in the middle of a range of …

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Storm over Uganda phone hacks in Israel

Israeli govt petitioned to block sales of phone-hacking tools to Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Israeli cyber company Cellebrite sold technology for hacking into cellphones to the Uganda Police Force, despite reports revealing extensive human right violations by the police. Cellebrite, which specialises in developing tools for digital forensic investigations, …

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Another peaceful election in Senegal

Why this time the results herald a big political shift | CATHERINE LENA KELLY | Senegalese voters went to the polls in July 2022, continuing a tradition of robust multiparty competition in the country. It is one of a handful of African countries that have never experienced a military coup. …

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William Ruto’s presidency

What it would mean for Kenya’s economy William Ruto has been declared the winner of Kenya’s 2022 presidential election. The close results have been queried, raising the risk of a prolonged political transition. But, if cleared, Ruto is set to inherit an economy that’s not in great shape. For example, …

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Behind William Ruto’s win

How Kenya’s new president took on powerful political dynasties | WESTEN K SHILAHO | William Samoei Ruto, 55, has been declared the winner of Kenya’s presidential election. He is the leader of the United Democratic Alliance party under the Kenya Kwanza (Kenya First) coalition. Ruto defeated his main rival in …

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