Tuesday , March 2 2021
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Uganda lions in danger

Numbers fewer than earlier indicated | THE INDEPENDENT | Ugandan lions are one of the most sought-after animals by tourists. This means they have great local tourism value as each lion raises about USD$ 14,000 (Approx. Shs52million) annually in park fees, according to official figures. Tourists find Ugandan lions interesting …

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Spreading COVID-19 controversy

Asymptomatic, pre-symptomatic, symptomatic: what is the difference? Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Do asymptomatic people carrying the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the coronavirus disease COVID-19 transmit it? This question came to the forefront in Uganda recently after a video clip of Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, the COVID-19 World Health …

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Comics, cartoons against COVID

They are a powerful way to teach kids about coronavirus | MARINA JOUBERT | The global COVID-19 pandemic has turned children’s lives upside down. Stay-at-home orders mean that they cannot go to school, visit a playground or spend time with friends. Just like adults, they may be scared and frustrated. …

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Fighting COVID-19 with music

Why government should work with the musicians producing it – including Bobi Wine | DOMINIC D.B. MAKWA | Ugandan pop musicians have released a raft of songs and music videos to educate and alert the public about COVID-19. Notable among them have been Bobi Wine and Nubian Li’s `Corona Virus …

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Which apps benefitted most from Covid-19?

Lockdown measures imposed in a number of countries to combat the spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus) are unprecedented. Understandably, in times of social distancing, many people are looking to mobile apps for entertainment, to socialise, work and even keep fit. | THE INDEPENDENT | Of course apps and technology services as …

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