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PHOTOGRAPHS: New Uganda cabinet swears in

Uganda’s new cabinet was sworn in on Tuesday. The ceremony that started in the morning, continued into the afternoon as the Vice President and 31 full ministers took the oath. Forty eight state ministers were also sworn in.

Selected photographs of the ceremony

Nadduli 5

Betty and ndugu

First daughters
SWEARING IN: Nadulli top, PM Rugunda and Betty Kamya, and First Lady Janet Museveni. PHOTOS PPU @StateHouseUg

More Photographs from the ceremony at State House

Internal Affairs Internal Affairs Minister Jeje Odongo swears in. PHOTOS BY PPU
Internal Affairs Minister  Gen. Jeje Odongo swears in above. Below Matia Kasaija, Sam Kutesa, Janet Museveni, VP Ssekandi and PM Rugunda swear in. Family joined in.

Minister 2 Minister 3 Minister 4 Minister 5 Minister 6 Minister 7 Minister 8 Minister 9 Minister 10 Minister 11 Minister 12 Minister 13 Ministers 1




Ministers swear in 1
Ssempijja swears in at State House early last year. Today, the new post election cabinet will be sworn in at an occasion presided over by President Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni’s post-election cabinet will be sworn in today.

The list of ministers has many news names, including Beti Kamya minister in charge of Kampala City, Engineer Ntege Azuba for Works, Jane Aceng for Health and Hajji Nadduli minister without portfolio. They have all been vetted by parliament while one, State Minister Ruth Acheng, was withdrawn by the president.

Parliament’s vetting committee however raised concern about three appointments, Ismael Orot for Minister of State for Works, Adrian Tibaleka for Elderly and Disability and Harriet Ntabazi for State for Industry.

Several ministers have returned with new portfolios. These include Janet Museveni in charge of Education and Sports and Adolf Mwesigye in charge of defence.

Ministers are expected to handover to new office-bearers this week.


The changes:

Kampala Full Ministry

The ministry in charge of Kampala is also now a full ministry, independent from Presidency.

Lt. Gen Henry Tumukunde is now Minister in charge of security while Adolf Mwesigye is new Defence Minister.

More women this time – 28 women out of 80 ministers

The women have increased, from 20 to 28 in this cabinet, led by Janet Museveni, Mary Okurut, Muloni and new Ministers Aceng for Health Beti Kamya for Kampala and Engineer Ntege Azuba for Works.

The ministers that did not return

They are Muhwezi Jim,  Jesca Alupo, Crispus Kiyonga, Sezi Mbaguta Prisca, Daudi Migyereko, Fred Ruhindi, John Nasasira, Abraham Byandala, Maria Mutagamba, Henry Banyenzaki, Ounda Nekesa, Nyirazurababeri Mijjumbi, Tokodria Tagba, Aston Kajjara,Isanga Lukia Nakadama, Kamanda Bataringaya, Rosemary Najjemba, Nabugera Flavia Munnaba, Nyombi Thembo, Sheim Bagaine.

Army influence

Men with recent army background in cabinet – Gen.Jeje Odongo,  Lt.Gen.Henry Tumukunde,  Maj.Gen Kahinda Otaffire,  Lt.Col Tom Butime and Lt. COL Bright Rwamirama

Otafiire still in

Justice and constitutional affairs minister Kahinda Otafiire seems to have weathered the storm, in every sense of the word, after he lost his seat in the NRM party primaries and consequently, in the elections where he stood as an independent.

The fiery retired general has retained his portfolio in the new cabinet.


President Yoweri Museveni

In Exercise of Powers conferred on the President of Uganda by Articles 108(1), 108 (2), 113(1), 114(1) and Article 99(1) of the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, I have appointed the Vice President, the Prime Minister, created new Departments of Government (Ministries); and appointed Cabinet Ministers and Ministers of State as indicated below:

H.E. the Vice President        ─    HON. KIWANUKA EDWARD SSEKANDI

1.    Rt. Hon. Prime Minister        ─    DR. RUHAKANA RUGUNDA

2.    1st  Deputy Prime Minister    ─    GEN. MOSES ALI & Deputy Leader of Gov’t Business in Parliament

3.    2nd Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of East African Affairs     ─    HON. KIRUNDA KIVEJINJA

4.    Minister of Education and Sports     ─    HON. MUSEVENI JANET KATAAHA

5.    Minister of Public Service        ─    HON. MURULI MUKASA

6.    Minister of Trade,Industry & Cooperatives             ─    HON. KYAMBADDE AMELIA ANNE

7.    Minister of Internal Affairs    ─    GEN. JEJE ODONGO

8.    Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry & Fisheries         ─    HON. SSEMPIJJA VINCENT BAMULANGAKI

9.    Minister of Finance and Economic Planning            ─    HON. KASAIJA MATIA

10.    Minister of Foreign Affairs            ─    HON. KUTESSA KAHAMBA SAM

11.    Minister of Health            ─    DR. ACENG JANE

12.    Minister of Works and Transport        ─    ENGINEER NTEGE AZUBA

13.    Minister of Lands, Housing & Urban Development            ─    HON.  BETTY AMONGI

14.    Minister of Water &  Environment            ─    HON.   SAM CHEPTORIS
15.    Minister of Justice & Constitutional Affairs              ─    MAJ. GEN.KAHINDA OTAFIIRE

16.    Attorney General            ─    MR. BYARUHANGA WILLIAM (ADVOCATE)

17.    Minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs         ─    HON. MWESIGE  ADOLF
18.    Minister of Local  Government            ─    HON. BUTIME TOM

19.    Minister for Karamoja Affairs    ─    HON.  JOHN BYABAGAMBI

20.    Minister of Energy and Minerals      ─    HON. MULONI IRENE
21.    Minister of Information, ICT & Communications      ─      FRANK  HON. TUMWEBAZE
22.    Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation        ─    DR.    ELIODA TUMWESIGYE
23.    Minister in Charge of General Duties/Office of the Prime Minister              ─    HON. MARY KAROORO OKURUT

24.    Minister of Disaster Preparedness & Refugees       ─    HON. ONEK HILARY
25.    Minister of Tourism, Wildlife & Antiquities            ─    PROF.  EPHRAIM KAMUNTU
26.    Minister for the Presidency    ─    HON. MBAYO ESTHER MBULAKUBUZA

27.    Minister of Security            ─    LT. GEN. HENRY TUMUKUNDE

28.    Minister without  Portfolio            ─    HAJJI NADDULI

29.    Minister for Kampala City Authority        ─    HON. KAMYA BETTY

30.    Government Chief Whip        –    HON. NANKABIRWA SENTAMU RUTH

31.    Minister of Gender, Labour & Social affairs      ─    HON. JANAT MUKWAYA



Office of the President:

1.    Minister of State for Economic Monitoring          ─    HON.   BALTAZAH ATWOKI KASIRIVU

2.    Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity             ─    HON.   SIMON LOKODO
Office of the Vice President:

3.    Minister of State Vice President’s Office     ─    HON. ONZIMA ALEX
Office of the Prime Minister:

4.    Minister of State for Relief and Disaster Preparedness  ─    HON. FRANCIS ECWERU MUSA
5.    Minister of State for Northern Uganda                  ─    HON.   GRACE KWIYUUCWINY
6.    Minister of State for Karamoja             ─    HON. KIZIGE MOSES

7.    Minister of State for Luwero Triangle             ─    HON. GALABUZI DENNIS SSOZI

8.    Minister of State for Teso Affairs             ─    HON. AKIROR AGNES

9.    Minister of State for Bunyoro Affairs  ─    HON. KIIZA ERNEST

Ministry of Public Service

10.    Minister of State for Public Service               ─    HON. DAVID KARUBANGA

Ministry of East African Affairs

11.    Minister of State for East African Affairs             ─    HON. JULIUS WANDERA MAGANDA
Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries

12.    Minister of State for Agriculture            ─    HON. CHRISTOPHER KIBAZANGA
13.    Minister of State for Fisheries                  ─    HON.     RUTH ACHIENG (****withdrawn)
14.    Minister of State for Animal Industry    ─    MRS. KABATSI JOY

Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs

15.    Minister of State for Defence ─    RTD COL. CHARLES ENGOLA
16.    Minister of State for Veteran Affairs            ─    MAJOR BRIGHTRWAMIRAMA
Ministry of Education  and Sports

17.    Minister of State for Higher Education          ─    DR. CHRYSOSTOM MUYINGO JOHN
18.    Minister of State for Primary Education,            ─    HON. ROSEMARY SENINDE
19.    Minister of State for Sports    ─    HON. BAKABULINDI CHARLES

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development:

20.    Minister of State for Energy    ─    HON. D’UJANGA SIMON

21.    Minister of State for Minerals    ─    HON. LOKERIS AIMAT PETER

Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development:

22.    Minister of State for Finance (General)          ─    HON. AJEDRA        GABRIEL GADISON ARIDRU
23.    Minister of State for Planning    ─    HON. BAHATI DAVID

24.    Minister of State for Privatization and Investment           ─    HON. ANITE EVELYN

25.    Minister of State for Micro-Finance         ─    HON. KYEYUNE HARUNA KASOLO
Ministry of Works and Transport:

26.    Minister of State for Transport             ─    HON.  AGGREY BAGIIRE
27.    Minister of State for Works            ─    HON. OROT ISMAEL (**Vetting committee query)

Ministry of Water and Environment:

28.    Minister of State for Water    ─    HON. KIBUULE RONALD

29.    Minister of State for Environment            ─    HON. KITUTU MARY

Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development:

30.    Minister of State for Housing              ─    DR.    CHRIS BARYOMUNSI
31.    Minister of State for Urban Development             ─    HON.  ISAAC MUSUMBA
32.    Minister of State for Lands              ─    HON. NAMUGANZA PERSIS
Ministry of Health:

33.    Minister of State for Health (General)              ─    HON. OPENDI   SARAH
34.    Minister of State for Primary Health Care            ─    DR. MORIKU JOYCE

Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs

35.    Deputy Attorney General        ─    HON. MWESIGWA RUKUTANA

Ministry of Trade and Industry and Cooperatives:

36.    Minister of State for  Trade                   ─    HON. KAFABUSA WERIKHE MICHEAL
37.    Minister of State for Industry                   ─    HON.  HARRIET  NTABAZI (**Vetting committee query)
38.    Minister of State for Cooperatives               ─    HON. GUME      FREDRICK NGOBI
39.    Kampala Capital City Authority         ─    HON. BENNA NAMUGWANYA
Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

40.    Minister of State for International Affairs             ─    HON. ORYEM OKELLO
41.    Minister of State for Regional Affairs              ─    DR.  PHELEMONMATEKE
Ministry of Local Government

42.    Minister of State for Local Government              ─    HON.  JENNIFFER NAMUYANGU
Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities:

43.    Minister of State for Tourism              ─    HON. GODFREY KIWANDA
Ministry of ICT

44.    Minister of State for ICT and Communications      ─    HON. NANTABA AIDA ERIOS
Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development:

45.    Minister of State for Gender and Culture    ─    MADAME     PEACE MUTUUZO
46.    Minister of State for Youth and Children Affairs     ─    MRS. NAKIWALA FLORCENCE KIYINGI
47.    Minister of State for Labour, Employment and Industrial  Relations   ─    HON. KABAFUNZAKI

48.    Minister of State for the Elderly and     Disability:   ─    MRS.    ADRIAN TIBALEKA (**Vetting committee query)

Ministry of Internal Affairs

49.    Minister of State for Internal Affairs ─    HON. OBIGA KANIA

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