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Museveni gives Tororo Archdiocese sh100m boost

President Yoweri Museveni handing over shs30m to the Bishop of Tororo Archdiocese Dr. Emmanuel Obbo, during the fundraising drive for the construction of St. Maria Goretti at Soni Kainja Parish, West Budama in Tororo district. He pledged shs100m.  PHOTO PPU

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has applauded Tororo Archdiocese on its current initiative of empowering youth with various skills.

According to the President, these initiatives complement government efforts to help Ugandan youths attain the skills they need to find meaningful employment thereby pledging to send a state house controller to meet the Arch-Bishop Emmanuel Obbo to discuss how government can partner with the Tororo Arch Diocese to advance the project .

He said this while speaking at Soni-Kainja primary school play grounds in Kirewa Sub County, Tororo district during a fund-raising drive to complete the construction of St Maria Gorreti Church on Tuesday.

The president contributed sh30 million cash and pledged another 70 million towards the completion of God’s House.

He also commended the Arch Diocese for boosting agriculture through the green house modern farming they have introduced in Soni-Kainja with the intention of promoting all season agriculture for continuous food supply that will help to reduce famine and poverty among the people.

He however warned against land fragmentation and property sharing amongst families noting that it consumes the wealth of Africa. (Kwar Adhola calls for end to land fragmentation)

He advised families to leave land intact and adopt new methods of farming like the Hydroponic science that supports crop growth in water.

The president also condemned the growing of crops in wetlands. He expressed gratitude to the current rains that are destroying crops in swamps saying it’s a signal that they should vacate to survive the wrath of God.

President Museveni greets Kwari Adhola, King of the Jopadhola, Moses Owori. PHOTO  PPU
President Yoweri Museveni is being shown a green house for green pepper, one of the agricultural projects for the church. (below) On Museveni’s right is Fr. Dominic Mubi and Fr. Fr. Deo Siyambi and on the left is State Minister for Health Sarah Opendi, Bukedi Arch diocese Bishop, Dr. Emmanuel Obbo, Tanga Odoi and West Budama North MP. Othieno Okoth.

He advised locals to alternatively embrace fish farming in the river edges and leave the wetlands to store water which can be drawn for irrigation.

Meanwhile at All Saints church Kwapa in Tororo Archdeaconry in Tororo South County, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni called upon Christians to be productive so as to fight poverty and also support church work and government at large.

Museveni who was speaking during the fundraising drive for the completion of the house of worship said that in most cases Christians misunderstand the biblical proverb of Lazarus and the rich man whereby they think that only the poor will inherit the kingdom of God.

According to the president the poor Christians can’t support the church financially thereby encouraging the people to utilize the favorable climate in Uganda to carry out farming in all seasons unlike other nations.

He asked Ugandans to wake up, stamp out poverty and make good use of the different resources that Uganda is endowed with.

The Bus Museveni gave Asinge SS. PHOTO PPU

The president made a contribution of 100 million shillings with 30 million shillings in cash and 70 million shillings pledge to be delivered later

At the same function, President Museveni delivered a brand new Tata bus to Asinge SS that he had pledged sometime back to the excitement of the students, teachers, parents BOGs of the school. He gave the students ‘hi five’ that made their day.



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