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Museveni: on Besigye’s interview

By Sarah Namulondo

President Museveni has responded to the Sunday Monitor Feb 3rd published interview of Dr. Besigye.

In his letter “clarifications of Besigye’s lies” he said Dr Besigye submission that the NRM has failed the economy by not living up to the point number five of the NRM programme is true because it has not completed the job of transformation of the economy.

But he added that it is mainly the low base from which they started and sabotage by some political actors and other opposition groups.

In his letter Museveni gave an example of the Bujagaali hydro power project which was opposed by opposition groups 15 years ago.

He said now that the government has, finally, overcome the sabotage of the groups of people like Dr. Besigye belong to by regaining the initiative in electricity, nothing will stop them.

“That is why we will no longer tolerate those internal saboteurs or those from the opposition opposing industrialization” he said.

Museveni said that the accusation against NRM running a military government is baseless.

Dr. Besigye knows very well that these sabotages by his groups would not have been possible if NRM was running a Military Government; nor would the indiscipline by the political actors be possible.

Dr. Besigye keeps deceiving civilians who do not know the history of NRA well that we have been running a Military Government all these years.

Below is Museveni letter

I have been watching, without comment, the circus that has been going on in the newspapers of Uganda about UPDF wanting to make a coup; that some leaders, including myself, made comments to that effect.  Then, that manufactured lie being amplified by individuals who, for many years, have been in the habit of promoting intrigue and indiscipline in the NRM.  A few other commentators like Mr. John Nagenda appeared to have been genuinely duped by this subterfuge manufactured by the Daily Monitor newspaper and its collaborators.

I refused to comment for two reasons.  Reason number one is that some of these newspapers endlessly tell lies.  One would have to abandon more useful work to respond to the lies and malice of these papers always manipulated by the enemies of Uganda.  The second reason is that I do not want to be used by the enemies of Uganda to also contribute to the diversion of the public’s attention from their core interests to the endless schemes of these enemies.  The intention of these enemies is to divert the attention of the public from their core interests to these lies and also to scare businesses that may want to come to Uganda by presenting Uganda as potentially unstable.  I cannot join such schemes annoying though they may be.

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