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Mariam Nagujja: Teaching women about love

Kampala, Uganda | AGNES E. NANTABA | Mariam Nagujja is a communicator, writer, ardent reader, life coach and inspirational speaker especially to women. She recounts having read close to 600 books before embarking on her writing career.

“Everything I do or say is referred to a book,” she says

“I have read about the body language and actions of people”.

She had early training – from her father. As early as six years, her father would challenge her to read sentences in the presence of his friends and she would rarely disappoint. Then he would gift her with books upon return from work travels.

Nagujja is talkative but she also easily grasps what she hears and was a top student.

“Intelligence and wisdom paid for my education because everywhere I went, I was always the best and they always wanted to have me around”.

She went on to excel in business – until, she says, she was eventually dragged down by “immature love decisions”. This would eventually lead to loss of her business and psychological torture. Nagujja took lessons from her setbacks, realised they happen to many young people, and decided to build on her challenges. That was eight years ago.

“I started a working relationship with God and woke up to pursue my destiny,” she says.

She went into frenzied reading and writing. She read mainly to find solutions.

Her intent was not only to guard and guide women against manipulation from men but also help them to regain self-confidence after a destructive relationship. She committed to writing every night and one thing led to another. Although the intention was not to publish but to share her experience at women conventions, one thing led to another and eventually Nagujja was guided to publish.

Nagujja was introduced to an experienced author of over 36 books at some investment conference who offered free editing and publishing services.

Her book titled ‘The Lady’s Guide’ sold well. In it, Nagujja explains to fellow women the workings of men in a relationship and how men can use it to manipulate women. She also provides a guide to women who are in pursuit of more knowledge in the matters of love relationships.

“It exposes women to a whole gamut of ideas, such as when it is time to end an abusive relationship, why being too nice can never guarantee a committed relationship and time-tested rules on love, such as never to tire oneself in order to impress a man.

“The beginning of all wrangles and violence in relationships is failing to understand positions,” says Nagujja.

“From that, you will know what to expect in such relationships and that confusion is what I address in my book”.

The book appealed to the marrieds, divorced and singles seeking solutions about relationship challenges. She also started her counseling career and did a short course in psychology at the University of California. She is currently working on the second edition of the book.

“A book is like a project so an edition can age out and it ceases to be relevant,” she says.

She also founded Focus Group International to reinforce her idea of meeting the interests of women.

Nagujja is the fourth born of Aligizimba and Margaret Bamundaga. She went to Molly and Paul primary school, Progressive Secondary School Entebbe and Makerere University School (MUBS) where she pursued a diploma in Secretarial and Information Management. She later did a degree in Information Technology at Makerere University.

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