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Leonard Kabule, veterinary services

By Joan Akello

Dr. Kabule, 33, started Vetline Services Ltd in 2010 with three friends who contributed the initial capital of Shs 1 million.  They used it to procure three male pigs.   This was after a member of his team members conducted a research about artificial insemination for pigs and it was found a viable venture.  “We started exotic pig insemination in September last year and inseminated 500 pigs that delivered over 600 piglets,” Kabule says.  When fertilization is successful, a pig delivers more than eight piglets. An artificial insemination costs the farmer Shs 50,000.  Before and after delivery, farmers are given tips for care and treatment. The business has now grown from Shs 1 million to Shs 4 million in turnover per month. It employs seven people who help to build the capacity of extension workers) country wide. Farmers are also expected to facilitate the workers by paying the Shs 50,000 plus transport.

Tip to success: Invest in imparting knowledge

The team’s initial research showed growing demand for artificial insemination and they consequently invested in giving information, training veterinary doctors who were inseminating only cattle for free. He is optimistic that the business will grow. So far, 180 farmers have already registered for the services.   He projects that with many more farmers gaining interest in artificial insemination because of the high success rates registered, and given the popularity of pig rearing, the business will be able deliver more than 2,500 piglets per annum.

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