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KCCA denies selling Cemetery

By Ronald Musoke

Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) has never sold part or the whole of the Jinja Road Cemetery, an official at the city authority has said.

There has been construction activity around the cemetery in recent months where men have been seen digging up around the cemetery.

However, while speaking to journalists on Jan. 14, Peter Kaujju said the cemetery was only being renovated, including the re-building of a perimeter wall. Kaujju said it is not true that the graveyard has been sold to investors or that bodies have already been exhumed.

“What KCCA has done is to renovate and erect the perimeter wall surrounding the cemetery,” Kaujju said.

It is not the first time that cemetery land within the city has been reported to have been sold by the city authority.

Last September, the KCCA executive director, Jennifer Musisi ordered investigations into the sale of part of the land belonging to Bukasa Cemetery in Bweyogerere in Kira Town Council where members of the Muslim Tabliq community bury their members.

This cemetery land was reportedly sold to private investors. However, KCCA is yet to come out with a report clarifying the allegations.

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