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Kayihura reassures Uganda on safety

Following a Sunday night attack on Gulu central police station by yet unknown assailants, IGP Kale Kayihura has reassured the country of safety.

Addressing the press at the media weekly media briefing at the Police headquarters in Naguru, Kayihura said, “despite the attacks, we wish to assure all Ugandans that the country is stable. ”

The IGP also bashed the media for what he called sensationalising the events that transpired in Gulu Sunday night. He cited “lack of professionalism due to misleading reporting.”

“Those spreading wrong information about the Gulu attacks on social media are causing fear & panic among the public.”


As events unfolded in Gulu, social media was buzzing with conflicting reports of what was happening, indicating that soldiers were revenging arrest of their colleagues, that attackers had raided banks, the police station and the much feared UPDF 4th Division headquarters.

Kayihura clarified that the attackers, who were repulsed by police and the army, were “just a criminal gang”, who according to him, were trying to rescue a colleague who is due to appear in court today. Pure criminality.

The colleague in question is UPC’s deputy national secretary for mobilisation and party spokesperson for Acholi Sub region, Odiya Dan Oola, who had earlier been arrested over involvement in suspected rebel activities.

Gulu 2

During the Sunday night attacks, which Kayihura said were carried out by about 12 assailants, security recovered 6 AK47s,1 PK machine gun, more than 200 rounds of ammunition plus bows & arrows.

Three of the attackers are reported to have surrendered after their botched mission.

According to Kayihura, one UPDF officer was killed in the attack, 4 soldiers and policemen injured.


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  1. James jones bantu

    Rebels or gang? Kaiyura tell the nation what is going on, its more likely to be a rebellion as opposed to thugs as kaihura want ugandans to believe. We as ugandans shouldn’t take these incidents lightly because we know that it might be a spin by the government in attempt to incriminate the opposition with such damaging accusations or its a civil rebellion, it’s time to rethink wearther museveni over stay in power is the cause of such attacks. The only solution is president yoweri museveni to give way to people who can grasp the dynamics of the 21st century the president seen tired and out of touch with modern solutions to problems.

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