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Kaweesi murder suspects cry out over torture

Some of the the suspects at Nakawa Chief Magistrates Court.

The 13 suspects who were arrested in connection with the murder of former Police Spokesperson Felix Kaweesi have cried out over the torture they are going through at Nalufenya prison located in Jinja. The suspects were appearing before the Nakawa Chief Magistrates Court where they appealed to the magistrate about the conditions they were going through at Nalufenya, they complained of grievous bodily harm and being starved.

The suspects showed off scars and marks of torture the police allegedly put them through. Relatives of the suspects who had turned up in court broke down on seeing the physical state of their loved ones. The suspects have since been transferred to Luzira prison. FDC has written to the Chief Justice demanding the closure of the facility.


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  1. Everyone is human and hurts! Even when proved guilty of the crime he’s committed,he/she still has a right 2 safe custody with safe trial with justice.
    What hurts me outside here,hurts them too!
    I appeal tn the state to consider true justice,not justice in pretense and disguise!
    Dear earthly bosses/masters/mistresses,remember you equally have a true master(GOD),who judges rightly!
    You’ll account 4 ur actions b4 him either!
    I commented as an individual!
    Thank you!

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