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Kabila, Museveni agree on boosting trade, security

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Rebel groups M23 and ADF were on the agenda as Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni and Democratic Republic of Congo’s Joseph Kabila held a summit Thursday at Mweya Lodge.

The summit agreed on matters of security, electricity extension to the DRC, petroleum, oil pipeline, bridge and border survey. The summit agreed that during the oil exploration period environmental issues are put into consideration and there is better tourism coordination between Uganda, DR Congo and Rwanda who share the Virunga National park.

The summit also agreed to the export of electricity to DR and streamline trade, so that Ugandan businessmen buying gold and timber do it formally.

On security, M23 and Ugandan ADF rebels who attack traders in DRC, were discussed.

After the defeat of M23 in 2013, the government launched a programme known as DDR3 to disarm, demobilise and reintegrate more than 12,000 former rebels.

“I have no idea why they are not going back. I discussed with the President . I am going to talk to them (M23) and ask them why, if all the guarantees have been put in place they are not disbanding” Museveni said.

“The intelligence service will work together, but the recruits are from within Congo.”


On elections, Kabila said the dates for elections are out of his hand. He said people have a false perception that elections are organised and run by the DR Congo government.

“Keep your ears close to the ground on when the date is set you will report about it, you will learn about it. We have organised elections on two occasions, 2006 and 2011..elections are organised by an independent commission.”



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