Thursday , September 24 2020
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Ssekitoleko on becoming MP without O, A level certificates

 Controversial MP Ssekitoleko of the age limit bill on becoming MP without O, A level certificates Robert Kafeero Ssekitoleko, the parliamentary representative for Nakifuma constituency in Mukono district was little known until recently when he moved a motion to make three amendments to the constitution. One amendment is to remove …

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Africa’s crisis in Michela Wrong’s words

Historical causes, individual choices For six years, Michela Wrong covered Africa as a journalist and wrote three books on DR Congo, Kenya and Eritrea. Ivan Rugambwa spoke to her on the sidelines of the recent Writivism Festival in Kampala. Firstly, what are your impressions of the continent over the decade …

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Yo: Ensuring a cashless economy

INTERVIEW: Gerald Begumisa, the managing director of Yo Uganda Ltd, spoke to Flavia Nassaka about operating an ICT business in an economy where ICTs are still under developed. What are the key elements in your management style? My focus is value for shareholders. How this value is created is through …

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