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IN THE INDEPENDENT: Museveni’s eye on intelligence

The top stories in this week’s The Independent. Get your copy at the nearest news stand

Museveni’s eye on intelligence: What ISO boss Barya’s fall, many reshuffles mean.

In defense oil cash bonanza: Why it was morally right to reward public officials for winning Shs1.6 trillion worth of government revenues.

The rise of Denis Masinde Onyango: The Independent reflects on his journey to being Africa’s best footballer.

Bad news-IMF is back: Lagarde is visiting when the government is desperate for new money but in no mood to listen. Usually that means no deal but possibly not when the IMF and Museveni need each other.

Five takeaways from Trump’s inauguration: Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States on Jan.20 in Washington.

Modern medicine’s loss: Busy doctors and nurses losing empathy for patients.

Mother’s blood pressure predicts sex of baby: Scientists say mother’s higher blood pressure indicates a boy even before it is conceived.

Can Uganda survive with highest electricity prices in EA?: Recent hike means current tariff structure could end up killing industries.

Bank of Kigali starts 50-year celebrations: Donates 500 solar panels to poor households.

Ladies’ Man’ Ssali strikes again.

Footprints of the Outsider: Many readers will easily relate with the realism in Julius Ocwinyo’s latest novel.

2017 Kia Rio SLi: The new Kia Rio is the fourth-generation of the Korean car maker’s small car although it’s not so small as once it was which is good news for those looking for a small, but practical car.

Ssemujju took roundabout route into politics

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