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Kampala Parents school in discrimination storm

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | A WhatsApp message where a parent with a child at the elite Kampala Parents School opposing Champion Gudo, a child artiste, from joining the school on a scholarship elicited fury from the public. The parent said Gudo is from the ghetto and wouldn’t want the …

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Winnie Byanyima speaks out on racism

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | UNAIDS Executive Director condemned the racist discrimination by police in Geneva, Switzerland where she stays. Byanyima was out on a walk when police descended on her to restrict her movements. In a tweet that went viral, she complained about abuse over three years. “Security constantly …

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The real cost of de-dollarisation

The Chinese renminbi, which accounts for less than 3% of global reserves, is not a threat to dollar hegemony COMMENT | BENN STEIL | At the end of World War II, the United States accounted for more than half the world’s economic output and gold reserves. The United Kingdom was effectively …

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Pareto and the roots of politics

Why he didn’t politics could be understood from the self-serving narratives of the protagonists COMMENT | ALERTO MINGARDI | Many political disputes in recent years have been framed as battles between economic rationality and eruptions of irrationality that we label populism. But cognitive psychologists and economists would point out that political …

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Navigating power dynamics

  Contextualising the role of local community foundations in evolving international development paradigms COMMENT | HASHIM WASSWA MULANGWA | Localisation has recently become a topical issue in international development debates, and in a recent speaking engagement on international philanthropy and its intersection with local community foundations, I had the opportunity to …

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The vinyl revival

This man is helping African millennials rediscover the groove ART | OWEN KONZOLO |  “One of the beautiful aspects of vinyl is its ability to preserve cultural heritage. In Africa, vinyl has become more than just a medium for music; it has transformed into a cultural artefact,” proclaims James ‘Jimmy’ Rugami, …

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