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Gov’t secures UGX 150bn salary enhancement for teachers, University staff

FILE PHOTO: Minister for Public Service Muluri Mukasa

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Government has allocated 150 billion shillings for salary enhancement of primary school teachers and lecturers in public universities.

The salary increments will take effect in the second quarter of this financial year – that is from October.

Minister for Public Service Muluri Mukasa told reporters on Thursday in Kampala that money was got from different agencies, ministries and departments’ planned expenditure on things like staff training, conferences, maintenance of vehicles, and scholastic materials.

Of the 150 billion shillings some 135 bn will go for teachers in primary schools.

The balance will go to public universities to increase salaries for lecturers and non-teaching staff.

Mukasa said they had cut on recurrent expenditure of MDA’s to get the money for salaries because “we have felt that we should make cuts to raise enough money for pay enhancement.”

“The operation efficiency of the MDA’s will be significantly impacted but this is a sacrifice that government should take,” he said.

Last month, Mukasa said they needed at least 450 billion shillings to enhance salaries for public servants.

In May, teachers through their umbrella Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU) went on strike over salary enhancements. They were convinced call off the strike by President Museveni who promised to look into the matter.




  1. That is not Fair if the government wants to balance. The secondary school teachers are most likely to influence the strike if the government doesnt change the plan.

  2. Its time to pray for implementation

  3. Thanks Unatu But What Is The Primary Teachers’ New Salary In October.



  5. Why do they increase salaries of primary teachers only and leave out secondary teacher’s because primary teachers are almost getting higher than for secondary.

  6. Its a good arrangement. Salaries for secondary school teachers were increased last financial year .let primary school teachers also benefit this time

  7. Kivainuma samuel

    My humble advise to teachers is to leave the government do whatever it feels like.if its fine to give a primary teacher teaching abacus more pay than a secondary teacher well and good.just start doing investment with the little you earn.150b will raise every teacher’s salary by maximum 50,000.this is equivalent to nothing.

  8. Now, I have confirmed my doubts finally. UNATU is a body fighting only for primary teachers and not the entire staff in the component.
    Nevertheless, at secondary, we shall go to school only when there is a lesson, teach what we want. Creative no time of scheme of work and lesson plans. Of course we now need time to do extra business to catch up with the rest of the civil servants.

    • Weleba Charles lwanga

      There are other previliges in secondary school compared to primary. Teachers teach in more than one school which is unapplicable in primary

  9. There issue was looked in to since

  10. Weleba Charles lwanga

    I the government for responding positively towards the outcry of teachers. Primary teachers are the only people who work without allowance in any form besides the salary. Therefore, government should look into it see either lunch or medical allowance is provided for in the subsequent financial years.

  11. When trs in primary were on strike secondary trs were busy sending stundents to go for PTA. It indicates that they can atleast survive on that on top of they get.

  12. Surely comrades secondary teachers should not complain because primary teachers have been answered!
    They should lobby for enhancement. I mean the point should not be why primary teachers? It should be when z the government considering us?

  13. Anyway thank the gov’t for the increment of primary teachers’ salary, but it shouldn’t be after an outcry!

  14. I pray that this statement becomes a reality.

  15. Most top officials in the govt have their children studying outside ug so to them, no matter whether there is quality education in ug or not.

  16. Thanks to government for enhancing Primary teachers’ salary. Primary teachers lay foundations for children so they deserve

  17. Let govt not be forced otherwise it shows incompetence in govt of managing resources.

  18. Primary teachers suffers alot compared to secondary teachers and I don’t know why some secondary teachers are only complaining on primary teachers but not lecturers hmmmm let’s leave the things for the government to the government and personals to personals

  19. What Is The % Increament For Primary Teachers This Finacial Yr? Pliz Inform Me.

  20. We shoul not push government after all some civil servants fail to properly use the little they earn

  21. Again delay in salaries!! Why so happens? when shall we enjoy this uganda as teachers??

  22. Send me the new salary structure for teachers 2019/2020

  23. 30% still inadequate, we need more in the next financial year 2020/2021.

  24. let Government think about primary teachers since they lag below 35 percent and they keep in class most of the time. They dont budget for UPE funds only only teaching and suffering with litle pay.

  25. Secondary school teachers should not talk with a lot of fury, at least they can move from one school to the next teaching and even paid some money which is not allowed in primary.

  26. Science is fun and fun becomes interesting technical development for the better of the world.

  27. Its ok

  28. We have surportive workers in health eg askaris & porterters they were left out last f/y 2018/19 please think about them

  29. October is far it should be this month secondary trs they are teaching in more than one school u can’t compare there earning with that of primary trs

  30. People comment only for teacher s salary increment but local Government is always, left out yet its the superving body for all this sectors ,Government, need to revised, the structure ,its not fair,its dead govt

  31. Why only teachers and not Local Government workers,is it because we are few?we also want to be enhanced.

  32. There is alot of part timing and intra conflict between so called science and art teachers in secondary schools confusing gov’t where to begin.

  33. Most secondary teachers are thinking that there no graduate teachers in primary schools those are history/myth.

  34. Mwembe wakasa James

    Let’s watch the space

  35. The rate of inflation in Uganda is on the hype, 30% increment shall make very little difference. It should be like this; “Let the least paid teacher in Uganda earn Shs. 1M per month (This should depend on qualification and seniority in the profession)” and increment should be automatic, not ’cause of pressure from UNATU or that we are nearing 2021!

  36. This percentage is still low, it would have been atleast 40 to 50%. We do struggle to serve but end up getting small pay. However, let me hope that what has been promised be fulfilled.

  37. why should sec. trs complain of this meager pay rise for pri. trs yet yesterday was theirs and we understood knowing that our chance w’d come. what difference does it make btn a sec tr & a pri tr?they are just wet blankets. we all live in glass houses,so we should not throw stones

  38. Its high time the secondary school teachers realised we all undergo the same training of which they are segregatively paid as diploma and graduate teachers. What does a graduate primary school teacher earn? To me, the strategy to the salary disparities has kicked off. I advise the secondary school teachers to affiliate to UNATU for joint effort to engage the government for better pay in future. Big up to the government of Uganda.

  39. Bakiwadde munno bwebugya. my brothers in secondary schools should remember that they both passed through primary schools , they were taught by the same recturers at deploma and degree levels.only two differences: 1) A level certificate/Grade iii and 2) levels of service. however, deploma and degree graduants at primary level are not considered like secondary graduants even science teachers in primary are not known before government and they are silent.

  40. More staffs needed in primary school.

  41. Why teachers only,even other employees(bursar’s, secretaries, nurses,lab.technicians among others) in secondary Schools play important roles, don’t undermind them there4 increase their salaries too.they all fall under education ministry

  42. I appreciate what unatu & gov’t has done but why should gov’t alway respone after strugle?

  43. Tongo DUKU Simon

    Corruption will never end. Why not teachers secondary

  44. The only way to go is when government scraps un necessary expeditures in favour of d rich ones. I wonder why govt would consider taking up burial expences of ministers.educating their chn up to last but when a teacher dies it is who knows u .one mp earns money for 70 trs but why many mps be considerate

  45. secondary trs shd support their primary counter parts so that come next year,they b considered.

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