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Gomba residents fault EC for wasting resources on unserious candidates

Willy Mayambala has been regarded as unserious by a section of the public in Gomba. Courtesy photo

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Residents of Gomba district have faulted the Electoral Commission for wasting public resources on unserious presidential candidates. They have asked the commission to put up tougher measures to sieve unserious candidates.

They said this at Kiriri trading centre and Kabulassoke during mini rallies held by Willy Mayambala, an independent candidate seeking to challenge President Yoweri Museveni for the top seat.

Henry Kizito, a resident of Kiriri trading centre said that he was startled to see Mayambala’s saloon car escorted by a fully equipped Electoral Commission vehicle manned by police personnel. He says this tantamount to wastage of resources.

He thinks that a candidate vying for the presidency would have a coordination team on the ground to ensure that the voters are aware of his visit and program instead of ambushing them without prior knowledge.

Asked what they would like Mayambala to do in case he wins the election, Richard Genza, one of the residents said he does not expect anything out of him based on his lack of seriousness.

Mayambala who had earlier in the day held abrupt rallies in Mpigi and Butambala district also campaigned at Kanoni, Kabulassoke and Maddu before he returned to Kampala leaving out Sembabule where he was scheduled to stop. He said that in addition to being caught up by time, he had also run out of fuel to campaign in the district.

But the critics who think that he is a joker, Mayambala said that being lively does not mean that he is not a serious candidate and that he is a good policymaker who deserves to be considered for the presidency.



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