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DRC National confesses to murder of two University students

Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire confirmed the confession

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | A Congolese National has confessed to the murder of two university students whose bodies were found rotting in a rented room in Kakeeka division, Rubaga Division, early this week.

The suspect identified as Malimali Ndihoma Sisco Mashal Justine is believed to have been an ex-boyfriend to one of the victims. He was arrested on Monday while trying to leave Uganda through Entebbe International Airport.

The bodies of the two female students identified as Hulda Njiba and Safi were recovered after almost three days after their death. Police was informed of the death by neighbors after a foul stench that was originating from the room.

Police broke the door and found the two dead. Preliminary findings indicate that Njiba and Safi were poisoned. Although there was no sign of struggle or injuries on the two bodies, one of the girls was found with a knife in her hand.

Malimali has since confessed to the crime, describing it as a kidnap gone bad. In his statement, Malimali says he kidnapped Njiba and Safi with the hope that their families would pay a ransom for them. The students, however, failed to cooperate forcing him to kill them.

Njiba, a resident of Entebbe had been reported missing on January 4, 2019, at Entebbe Police station by her parents at the time her body was found.

Malimali’s confession statement is however contradicted by statements of the neighbors and the landlord who says he was in a relationship with one of the girls with whom they were regularly seen together.

Despite the confession, detectives at Old Kampala Police Station have continued investigating their initial lead which looked at the murder as a crime of Passion. Police investigations indicate that Njiba had started a new relationship with another man and could have been killed out of envy.

Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire confirmed the confession.

At the time of his arrest, Malimali was moving with a woman who was also arrested. The woman’s identity is being protected by police on the ground that her link to the murder is yet to be established.



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