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DPC, MPs clash over Arua city’s trans night discos under curfew

Daniel Obore, the acting DPC Arua was grilled by the Parliamentarians at Arua district yard. URN photo

Arua, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Arua District Police Commander and Members of Parliament on Covid-19 committee clashed over operation of night discos in Arua city in total disregard of the presidential directive and Ministry of Health guidelines.

The MPs who are on a fact finding mission on management of the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown were shocked on Sunday night to find a trans night disco during curfew at Desert Breeze hotel where they slept.

In a meeting with the leaders of Arua city, district, Madi Okollo, and Terego on Monday, the MPs tasked Daniel Obore, the acting DPC Arua to explain why he has failed to stop night discos within the city.

A clash ensued between the legislators and Obore as he attempted to explain the challenge of dealing with night discos in the city, blaming local leaders for letting down police. Obore said the illegal discos are protected by UPDF officers and even tried to pin some MPs for attending the said disco under curfew.

However, Obore’s statements did not go well with the MPs who demanded to know who the leaders sponsoring the illegal discos guarded by UPDF officers are and this further sparked an exchange between the MPs and the DPC, forcing the MPs to demand for an apology from the DPC.

Jackson Atima Lee, the MP for Arua Central Division who is also in the Parliamentary committee on Covid-19 criticized the DPC for labelling the MPs as part of those who attended the disco on Sunday night, saying the members had no choice as they just found themselves booked in one of the hotels where the illegal discos take place.

The MPs led by Dr. George Boka of Obongi resolved that the DPC Arua be put under investigation for reckless response to the MPs and a report be generated by the Covid-19 security committee.

Michael Oluma, the proprietor of Desert Breeze hotel where the MPs found a trans-night disco said his manager has already recorded a statement at police over the disco.

He wonders why the MPs who enjoyed themselves at his hotel again turn to torment the same business.

According to reports established by the MPs, since the lockdown took effect for the Covid-19 second wave, some night discos have continued to operate both within Arua city, the district and parts of the region.




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