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Court summons Luziira Prison’s doctor as Kazinda’s hearing stalls again

By Ronald Musoke

Justice David Wangutusi has summoned the Luziira Prisons doctor to come to the Anti-Corruption Court on Jan.8 and explain to Court why Geoffrey Kazinda, the interdicted Principal Accountant in the Office of the Prime Minister, is failing to honour his scheduled court hearings.

Kazinda who is facing charges of forgery and unlawful possession of government property for which he allegedly used to defraud the government of billions of shillings has at least failed to come to court three times since he was remanded to Luziira last October citing ill-health.

Appearing on Dec. 10 last year before the Anti-Corruption Court in Kampala, Court heard that Kazinda, between Jan.25 in 2011 and July 22 last year with intent to defraud or to deceive, forged the signature of Pius Bigirimana, the Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister contained in cash withdrawal forms purpoting to show that the forms were signed by Bigirimana whereas not.

Kazinda’s fraudulent transactions then allegedly led to the financial loss of billions of shillings to the government.

According to the medical form delivered to Court on Jan. 7 by Sergeant Bony Okello, Kazinda is stressed, he has a ‘soft neck,’ his words are low, and he is withdrawn.

However, Justice Wangutusi while meeting both sets of the prosecution and defendant team said the doctor should come to Court on Jan. 8 and explain to Court in detail what is afflicting him.

Wangutusi said it is natural for Kazinda to be stressed because he is facing prosecution but this is not enough for him to escape trial.

The last time Kazinda appeared before Court, he visibly appeared sick with his eyes closed most of the time during the court proceedings.

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