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Court drama: The story of Kiggundu, Karugire and Namugera

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This week’s The Independent COVER STORY is about the court drama in Mbabazi election petition.

It takes a close look at why the Electoral Commission Chairman Badru Kiggundu’s mood changed from tense to excitement, what role Museveni’s son-in-law, Edwin Karugire played, and why Pontius Namugera, the Director of Technical Support Services at the EC had to dash out of court.

This week's cover story - COURT

The FEATURE section analyses the anticipated visit to Uganda by Israel Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Uganda’s

opportunism and Israel’s pragmatism around it in the year commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Entebbe raid.

HEALTH  Tastes the bitter truth about quinine and reveals what health workers say has made them continue using a malaria drug that was discontinued by the World Health Organization because it is dangerous to humans.

BUSINESS Looks at the Tough 2016/17 budget:

With barely two months to the next budget, why do Ugandans have to brace themselves for higher taxes? Is the government aim of raise Shs 21.2 trillion in the 2016/17 financial year realistic?

LAST WORD Andrew Mwenda looks at the good about Donald Trump, the unorthodox Republican presidential contender in the USA who is winning massive support among the American public. Does that mean most private Americans hold same views as Donald

Trump on controversial issues like race, corruption, sexism, and every negative ism? So why do they pretend in public?

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