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Buvuma leaders plead with UNRA to tarmac road to landing site

Roads become impassable especially on rainy days. Courtesy photo

Buvuma, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Leaders in Buvuma have asked the Uganda National Roads Authority- UNRA to tarmac roads in the district. The roads which connect to the islands are dusty and filled with many potholes.

The leaders cite the 40-kilometre road from the docking site at Kirongo to Nairambi and Busamuzi sub-counties which is impassable especially during the rainy season.

The most dangerous sections are at Walwanda, Majjo, Namatooke and Sese where the road is slippery and has huge potholes.

The LCV chairperson Buvuma, Alex Mabiriizi says the district is struggling to repair the road since it was not budgeted for in the 2020/2021 financial year budget.

A trader at Kirongo landing site James Nambura Sitibwakuno says that they get stuck along the roads with their goods. He adds that several trucks and motorcycle carrying goods regularly break down due to the poor state of the roads.

Hakim Kazungu a resident at Buvuma says many times they have no option but to walk long distances during and whenever it heavily rains.

“We almost experience rain every week making transport difficult, avoiding accidents due to slippery roads while moving from Kirongo to the district alone is very difficult”

Another resident Salima Nakawunde notes that the poor state of the road has forced boda boda cyclists to hike transport costs which some residents can’t afford.

The Minister for Works and Transport General Katumba Wamala says that the leaders and residents should remain patient. He explains that the Ministry has instructed UNRA to consider tarmacking the road under the project of tarmacking Lugazi-Kiyndi road.

“We have agreed to add on the 40 km section of Buvuma on Lugazi-Kiyindi for the two districts to benefit.”



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