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Bible burning sparks outrage in Uganda

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House of Prayer Ministries in Makerere Kikoni, sparked outrage and ire from Christians for allegedly burning bibles claiming they had missing verses and had ‘Holy Ghost’ instead of ‘Holy Spirit’.

The controversial pastor is said to have burnt King James Version and Good News bibles which he collected from his over 6000 flock. Bugingo has since denied that he participated in the act or ordered his followers to set fire to the holy book.

Pastor Bugingo is said to have told his flock that the verses talking about the Fasting and Lent periods were deleted under unclear circumstances. Pastors and other religious leaders have condemned the act and asked him to apologise.

The Uganda Bible society has threatened Bugingo with a law suit. Bugingo, who owns Salt TV and Salt radio has been at loggerheads with other pastors over a number of issues.


  1. Bugingo was right given the fact that the original Bibles bearing the true saviour(ISA MASIYA) were banned

  2. I would have n’t given him my Bible coz his one of those who are miss quoting the Bible, telling lies etc God forgive..



  4. Kisitu Deogratius

    Ps Alysious Bugingo is misquotated by the information furnished by this site. He only taught about satanic bibles with missing verses and altered ones. Additionally, he recommended the 1611 King James Version (KJV). But surprising this site cites that the pastor also condemned KJV. Always spread the right information.

  5. No one is a fool those who accepted JESUS CHRIST WITH TRUE HEART ask knowledge from GOD, SO the word of GOD NEED NOT TO BE CHANGED. people know the truth but they want to be pleased, sartan’s drive sorry! we need to eliminate fake books from our possession, PSALMS 125 read

  6. let him whatever pleases him God will judge

  7. i think what he did was right

  8. let the so called president and Bishops tell us whether it’s Godly to give a young believer teachings from a book which has OMITTED even the Lord’s Prayer.

    • Kyeyune Geofrey

      Pliz if u luck WISDOM , then ASK from GOD to enable u differentiant a fake BIBLE and a corrent BIBLE .because a fake map cannot lead u to the destination .NOW will a fake bible lead u to heaven? (answer). Pastor Bujingo house of prayer minitries international MAY GOD BLESS YoU.’
      GOD will judge’

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