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Amama Mbabazi walks out of the NRM CEC meeting.

Former Prime Minister and current Secretary General of the NRM, Amama Mbabazi, walked out of the NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC) meeting. Mbabazi and his wife Jacquiline Mbabazi (who is the chairperson of the NRM women’s league, staged the walkout when it became clear that CEC was going to approve a proposal to amend the party constitution so that the Secretary General is no longer elected by party members but appointed by the party chairman. CEC unanimously passed the resolution without anyone else opposing it.

Mbabazi was previously thought to enjoy the support of the chairman of the party youth league, Denis Namara and the chairman of the party entrepreneurs league, businessman Hassan Basajabalaba. However, both seem to have abandoned him during the tense CEC meeting as namara openly supported the proposal and Basajabalaba acquiesced to it by his silence

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