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What politicians say…

By Patrick Kagenda 

President Yoweri Museveni:

Ngomulwanyi  simala gatomela, ( As a fighter I don’t just bump into things), this Kyabazinga issue has dragged on for years until today when I am sure this is the rightly elected Kyabazinga having been elected by a Lukiiko meeting the required quorum of 8 princes.  During the first election Prince Columbus Wako emerged winner with 7 votes and that never met the required quorum of 8 princes as stipulated by the Busoga kingdom constitution, second time Prince Gabula IV emerged with 6 votes, also not meeting the required quorum, this time he emerged with 10 votes which was above the quorum of 8, I called him of phone to congratulate him and also invited him to State House but did not know there were still disagreements.”

Of the over 30 Busoga MPs, at least 20 were present and among them was Nakadama Lukia Isanga, Waira Kiwalabye, Edward Balidawa, Balyeku, Paul Mwiri, Mubito John Bosco, Kasule Justine Lumumba, Asuman Kiyingi, Martin Muzale, Alen Andrew, Fred Nkayi, Panadol Mugema, Milton Muma, Idi Isabirye, Sulaiman Balwejusa, John Bagole , Olivia Kabale, Veronica Kadoka, Agnes Nabirye, Daudi Migereko, Kaabule Evelyn Naume, and Rebecca Kadaga.

Edward Balidawa (MP Kigulu North):

“This is a big honour for Busoga region.  After six years we now have a focal point. Today is a dawn of a new beginning for Busoga and it means putting behind excuses and weaknesses. All princes should come together and engage government for the development of Busoga and I am looking at the day when all 11 chiefs will sit down as one people and I know it is very near.”

Agnes Nabirye (Jinja District Woman MP):

“We are happy we now have a Kyabazinga who I see as a unifying factor. The elected Kyabazinga should now embark on unify the Busoga region and help in the development of the area because the people see him as the 1st citizen of the region meaning they will always listen to him by the fact that he is known to be very visionary.”

Daudi Migereko (Butembe):

“The Kyabazinga will have to get back the people together as this is the most basic and fundamental role of the Kyabazinga.”

Evelyne Naume Kaabule (Luuka district woman MP): “Let people accept what God has given and develop Busoga. Busoga has the people as its best resource. The Kyabazinga will come up with a strategic plan to use this resource the Kingdom has. However we call upon government to join in the development of our region because we have tourist sites to start from and with commitment we can make it. ”

Asuman Kiyingi (Bugabula MP):

“Failed politicians who fight endless battles affect the development of the institution but  now Kyabazinga  will unite the people and we are going to achieve much through mobilization of the masses in resources, capital  and skills to get them out of poverty. The biggest brand in Busoga is the Kyabazinga and anyone who wants to be successful associates with him. However it is a well-known fact that cultural leaders should not involve in partisan politics.”

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