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Under age illicit alcohol consumption increasing, study finds

THIS WEEK: Under age illicit alcohol consumption increasing, study finds

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | 50.8% of the 600 respondents in a study conducted by a Health Communication Organisation – Straight Talk Foundation Uganda agreed to have consumed illicit alcohol, 17% of which were under the age of 18 years. Underage consumption was higher among males at 25% than among females at 9%.

The study dubbed, ‘licit Alcohol Consumption, a Community’s Perspective’ was conducted in four districts – Kampala, Kabale, Soroti and Gulu

Speaking at a Science Café Organised by the Health Journalists Network in Uganda (HEJNU) on Jan.17, Richard Imakit a researcher said they found a substantial 75.5% of current drinkers are under 18 years of age whereby the largest proportion of 42.9% consumes illicit alcohol composed of locally produced waragi – Kasese, Enguli and Lira-lira at 18.8% and Local brew – Malwa and Ajono at 24.1%. He said the findings show that the majority of underage consumers live with an alcohol consumer where 51.9% were mothers whereas 50.7% were fathers.

Susan Ajok, the Executive Director Striaght Talk Foundation said they wanted to understand facilitating factors and therefore found that illicit alcohol is cheap and can be easily got a thing that allows for consumption of enormous litres. She called for coming up with helpful strategies just like the country did earlier when handling the AIDs epidemic.

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