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Unexploded ordnances cause panic in Omoro, Amuru


Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Residents of Koro sub county in Omoro district are in panic following the delayed response by security personnel to remove two bombs discovered in the area.

The two bombs include mortar explosive shells that are suspected to have been left behind by fighters of the Lord’s Resistance Army – LRA rebels during the two decades of insurgency in Northern Uganda.

Albino Ouma, a casual labourer says that he excavated the mortar explosive shell from a building foundation he was digging alongside his colleagues at the home of Willy Opoka on Wednesday last

Cyrus Okot, the LC I Chairperson of Abili East village in Labwoch parish reveals that the explosive and many more still undiscovered are remnants of the war fought in the area in 1986 by the LRA rebels and government forces.

The Defense Secretary for the village, George Ojera explained that the area is still infested with more explosive remnants of war and appealed to government send bomb experts to comb the forested area.

In neighbouring Munurac village of Payeya parish, Bosco Obol, the area LCI Chairperson says that another mortar explosive shell was in May unearthed by an ox-plough in the area and the security personnel are yet to respond.

Meanwhile, local authorities of Labala parish in Labala parish, Pabbo Sub-County, Kilak South Constituency in Amuru district have also reported the discovery of unexploded ordnances pending extraction.

When contacted, Maj. Caesar Olweny, the Uganda People’s Defense Force – UPDF Spokesperson for 4th Division Infantry Barracks regretted the delays attributing it to logical constraints and poor coordination from the local leaders.

In January 2017 six children from the same family in Angagura Sub-County, Aruu North County sustained severe wounds after a bomb which they were playing with detonated. The children reportedly found the explosive object in a kraal and started playing with it.

More than 600 military explosives have been discovered and destroyed in Acholi sub-region by the army since 2010. Reports indicate so far 147 were discovered in Pader, 166 in Gulu, 93 in Kitgum and 223 Amuru district.



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