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UN chief calls for unified Security Council over Israeli-Palestinian conflict

UN security council

New York, US | XINHUA |  UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday called for a unified Security Council over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and regretted the lack of multilateralism.

Asked what the secretary-general expects from Sunday’s emergency meeting of the Security Council on the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian escalation, Guterres’ spokesman Stephane Dujarric said: “What we would like to see is … a strong, unified voice for de-escalation, for a cessation of hostilities and a push to get the parties back on track to find a political solution to this conflict that has been going on and on and on.”

Asked for the secretary-general’s comment on the fact that one single Security Council member blocked the proposal for a Friday meeting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, just days after all council members pledged support for multilateralism, Dujarric said Guterres is concerned about the state of multilateralism “as we’ve seen it during the pandemic and as we’ve seen it in other aspects.”

“We would like to see member states put to action the ideals that we all have to live up to within this organization,” he added.

With regard to the Security Council, he said the more unified the council is, the stronger its voice and the stronger its impact.

The Security Council on May 7 held a high-level debate on the need to uphold multilateralism and all council members came out in support of it. Yet days later, the United States, an ally of Israel, blocked the proposal for a Friday Security Council meeting, according to diplomats. The Security Council later agreed on such a meeting on Sunday.



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  1. The two-state solution is no longer practical and is only going to lead to further conflict down the road. Peace may have to be forced on the Palestinians with an agreement with friendly Arab states to Israel.

    The first step for peace is to have the world recognize the Jewish state of Israel in its pre- 1967 boundaries. Allow the immigration of persecuted Mideast Christians. Then, there must be a new confederation of nations in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights comprising Jews, Muslims and Christian/Druze living together. Call it the United Nations of Jerusalem (UNJ).

    Each religious group in the UNJ would have a national government consisting of a president and parliament. The Jewish nation would be known as Judea, the Christian/Druze nation Samaria, and the Islamic nation Palestine. For any law to pass in the UNJ, it would require the approval of two of the three nations but Palestine would have to be one of the two nations.

    Internal security would be under the control of the three nations with the Palestinian President as Commander-in-Chief of such forces with IDF oversight for a few years. External defense would be under the control of Israel with Israeli bases in the UNJ.

    Citizens of the UNJ would be allowed to enter Israel only with permission from Israel, and such individuals could be allowed to live in Israel as resident aliens.

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