Monday , February 19 2018
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Uganda’s High court reduces death sentences for 9

High court

The High court in Kampala has today reduced the punishment of nine death row convicts following the  2003  Constitutional petition of Susan Kigula & 417 others that challenged the death penalty.

Justice Wilson Masalu Musene revised the death penalty passed against the said convicts aged between 40 -60 years whose stay on remand ranges from 2003-2007.

Having delayed on remand without  execution of their death sentence and the fact that they have “undergone various courses in self reflection, evangelism, peace and conflict resolution” among others, they will now serve sentences ranging from 7 years-18 years.

They were represented by Fredrick Mbaziira from Justice Centres Uganda through its Prison Decongestion Programme.

In its judgement the Supreme Court ruled that it was wrong to sentence someone to death without mitigation (hearing their side).

It then ordered the return of all pending death row appeal cases to the High Court for only mitigation of sentence. Thirty death row inmates have sought to have their sentences reduced.

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