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Teso MPs threaten legal action against landlords who protested creation of Soroti city

Kasilo County MP Elija Okupa. Courtesy photo

Soroti, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | A section of Members of Parliament from Teso sub region are considering litigation against landlords who petitioned the Ministry of Local Government against the creation of Soroti city.

Last week, Soroti landlords petitioned Minister of Local Government Raphael Magezi to delay the creation of Soroti city for more ten years citing numerous issues.

Last month, the Minister of Local Government Raphael Magezi sought approval from Parliament to adjust the date of operation for the three cities to July 1 2020. He argued that the three cities would miss representation yet they come into effect just a few months after the general elections.

The landlords that of the communities annexed to Soroti city are largely angered and that the elevation is likely to distort their way of life. They add that the changes were announced during the lockdown with little or no consultation from the communities.

The petitioners led by Pascal Amuriat further argued that the creation of Soroti is not cognizant of the COVID-19 epidemic and the wars which Teso has undergone which deprived her of economic opportunities adding that instead, the elevation disempowers the common man and favours the rich.

Now, Elijah Okupa, the Kasilo County MP in Serere says they are studying the document presented to various offices and will soon make a decision on whether to drag the petitioners to court. He claims that three people whose names were included as petitioners have approached him and disowned the document.

Soroti Municipality MP, Edmund Herbert Ariko says the petitioners tainted the image of Teso land by attempting to block development through the creation of the city. Ariko, who insinuated that the petitioners have political backing threatened to expose politicians behind the move.

Amuriat, while delivering the petition last month indicated that they are prepared to pursue the matter to its logical conclusion. He also noted that they will not be intimated by any threats by politicians on their cause.

Soroti leaders are currently engaged in preparations to inaugurate the city on August 10th.



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