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ANALYSIS: Germany plays key role in calming NATO partners

Berlin, Germany | Xinhua | Although Germany was criticized by its partners in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for its “late” export approval of Leopard tanks to Ukraine, the country is right not to blindly rush into more and more weapon deliveries and plays a key role in calming its western …

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Germany faces biggest teacher shortage in 50 yrs: association

Berlin, Germany | Xinhua | Germany’s education system is facing the “biggest shortage of teachers in 50 years” as a result of education policy failures, the country’s teachers’ association said on Friday. The problem is largely “self-made,” association president Heinz-Peter Meidinger told the Rheinische Post newspaper. The number of new teachers has …

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Norway becomes Germany’s top gas supplier in 2022

Berlin, Germany | Xinhua | Norway replaced Russia as Germany’s biggest gas supplier in 2022, accounting for 33 percent of its total gas imports, the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) said on Friday. “Norway is our most important energy supplier today and should remain so as we move toward a carbon-neutral future,” Germany’s …

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Poland asks UN to help secure WWII damages from Germany

Warsaw, Poland | Xinhua | Poland had asked for the intervention of the United Nations (UN) over World War II reparations with Germany, a Polish deputy foreign minister said on Tuesday. “The United Nations system offers instruments for dialogue as well as for introducing the international community to the scale of …

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Germany logs second hottest year on record

Berlin, Germany | Xinhua | Germany recorded its hottest year in 2022 with an annual mean temperature of 10.5 degrees Celsius, the National Meteorological Service (DWD) said on Friday. The country saw an “exceptional weather year,” the DWD said. Temperatures were 2.3 degrees Celsius above the value of the internationally valid reference …

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Germany offers economic aid to Tunisia

Tunis, Tunisia | Xinhua | Germany has signed two agreements to donate 105 million euros (112 million U.S. dollars) to Tunisia to support the country’s economy, the Tunisian Foreign Affairs Ministry said in a statement on Friday. “The two agreements cover vital areas of cooperation, including regional development, support for decentralization, …

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