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Suspects break out from Jinja CPS cells


There was a break out in Jinja’s central police station . PHOTO PPU

Jinja, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | An unidentified number of suspects have staged a breakout and escaped from Jinja Central police station’s cells this Sunday morning.

The two cell guards who were assigned with the responsibility of keeping watch on the suspects throughout this weekend, have since been  arrested and are detained at Jinja Central police station awaiting prosecution.

It is reported that, the suspects used a metallic tool to break the padlock at around 8:30am and they fled off as the cells guards looked on.

Eyewitnesses say that some of the suspects fled through the main police entrance and exit points, whereas, others jumped over the wall and escaped through the regional fire and rescue services department, which is located behind the main Jinja CPS buildings.

Shaban Musonke, a saloon operator opposite Jinja CPS police station’s main entrance point says that, the suspects fled amidst chanting and some of them were seen jumping on to random motorcycles that always park besides the neighboring commercial buildings.

Police authorities are yet to avail the press with the correct number and particulars of the suspects who broke out of custody, however, a detective who spoke on condition of anonymity says that the suspects were 17 in number.

He says that, they are largely petty crime offenders who were arrested during police-led curfew operations within the week.

When contacted, Kiira region’s police spokesperson, James Mubi says that their teams are still gathering relevant data concerning the incident and an official statement shall be released after finalizing the compilation procedures.



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