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Solomon Baguma; Foods entrepreneur

By the Independent Team

Solomon Baguma a Computer Science graduate is the brain behind House of Russa; a company that makes juice and liqueur out of a wild-growing plant called mulondo of the Mondia Whitei family.

Mulondo is consumed by many Ugandans as an aphrodisiac. It is also used to treat depression and arthritis.  House of Russa is tapping into this market.  Baguma explains that his `Omulondo Liqueur’  can be taken as a pleasure drink just like a beer although people attach aphrodisiac properties to it and others say it has medicinal components including being a remedy to improve appetite.

Started in 2001, Baguma kicked off with a production capacity of six bottles that has now multiplied to more than 2,000 bottles per day. He estimates the worth of his company at Sh300 million.

Success Tips; Research and financial discipline

Baguma says he enjoys doing something challenging. So he sets targets that may appear unrealistic but he works hard to achieve them.

“An entrepreneur should research about consumption trends and learn about consumer behavior in order to plan well.”

“I have also learnt how important finances are to a company and that if mishandled the company suffers or may fail to celebrate the fifth birthday like many Ugandan business have fallen prey,” he adds.

With this, he earns a minimal salary compared to his employees to leave enough finance to grow the company.
Baguma is fully engaged in the production and marketing of his products through promotions in bars and supermarkets.

“Not everyone will appreciate your product. This requires me to identify the individuals who will appreciate my product and make sure they become loyal customers,” he says.

Baguma is working towards making the juice and liqueur present in all supermarkets and bars countrywide before hitting the international market.

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