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Sheraton Kampala at 50

Sheraton Kampala Managing Director, Jean Bitten-Court (left) and former minister Tim Lwanga

ATC News by Wolfgang H. Thome: Sheraton – Half a centry to look back at while preparing for the future

General Manager Jean-Phillippe Bittencourt has described Sheraton Kampala Hotel as “undoubtedly one of Uganda’s proudest hospitality resource and today still stands tall on the slopes of Nakasero Hill proudly marching towards its Golden Jubilee.”

Speaking at a media breakfast held at the hotel’s “Seven Hills” Rooftop to launch the 50 years’ celebrations, Bittencourt said Sheraton Kampala’s still recognized as the most respected Hotel in Uganda due to its services and heritage.

The Sheraton Kampala Hotel, one of the oldest five star Hotels in Uganda has been operating in in Uganda for the past 30 years. However the Hotel was officially opened on October 08th in 1967 and has gone through various management companies including the current operating company “Constellation Hotels & Resorts” which uses the Sheraton franchise to manage it.

It was built as Apollo Hotel, named after the then Prime Minister Apollo Milton Obote. When Obote was overthrown by Idi Amin in 1971, the hotel was renamed the Kampala International Hotel and following the overthrow of Amin by Tanzanian forces and the Uganda National Liberation Army in 1979, the hotel reverted to the original name Apollo Hotel.


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  1. Read And Undestood.I See It Has Come From Far Indeed,long Live Sheraton Hotel.

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