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Security to use CCTV cameras to hunt for thugs throwing petrol bombs

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT |  Security commanders in Kampala Metropolitan have tasked the Nateete Closed Circuit Television –CCTV camera operators to retrieve and avail all footage of thugs throwing petrol bombs at vehicles during  jam.

Attacks on motorists in jam have been reported in Wakaliga where riders wearing masks have been throwing petrol bombs at congested cars for yet to be known reasons. 

Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga, said CCTV team at Nateete is working hard to ensure movements of the culprits is established, their images recognized and motorcycles used identified.

John Kasozi, whose car was one of those damaged by petrol bombs two days ago, said he was shocked to see strangers throwing burning items beneath his vehicle. “We were in jam at Wakaliga road. I just saw men throwing burning things at my car. We were lucky the fire didn’t explode. I am yet to understand why I was being targeted,” Kasozi told police.

Kasozi was driving a Toyota Prado with registration number UAR 720Q. Another driver whose car was slightly damaged with a petrol bomb is Lawrence Musoke. He was just two vehicles in front of Kasozi.

“My car Toyota Premio UBF 955T was also targeted. These men could not be easily identified. They were wearing masks. Up to now I don’t know whether they were specifically targeting me or not,” said Musoke.

Enanga said they were yet to get any information indicating that the criminals were targeting particular individuals. Police suspect that the group had intended to burn at least eight vehicles stuck in jam purposely to cause fear.

“These are disruptive activities. We have the police in Nateete that is investigating a double attacker on motorists during a jam. That is what happens during a jam around Wakaliga –Nateete road junction. The petrol bombs were thrown underneath the vehicles,” explained Enanga.

The Wakaliga incidents come barely two months after security successfully traced three suspects who had allegedly thrown petrol bombs almost in the same area. The trio with the help of CCTVs were apprehended and charged. 

Besides throwing bombs at cars in jam, petrol bombs have been hurled at fuel stations in areas of Gayaza and Sekanyonyi all in Kampala metropolitan. Unidentified motorcyclists threw a petrol bomb at Prime Petrol Station in Gayaza at around 1am on March 17th. A fuel pump was burnt at Prime fuel station before the fire was contained. Lorris petrol station was also attacked the same day of March 17. 

“The fact that the methods used are similar, makes us consider these attacks as some form of organised crimes, with a potential of domestic extremism, aimed at undermining the prevailing stability, peace and security in the country,” says Enanga. 

Security agencies have since vowed that they are more than ready to encounter all forms of threats to the security of Ugandans. 



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