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Security orders journalists to delete footage on students with disabilities at Makerere

Students with disabilities tussling with a policeman who wants to arrest one of their leaders. PHOTO VIA @dndyaba

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Journalists covering the protests against the 15 percent tuition increment were on Friday ordered to delete footage of the arrest of students with disabilities.

Both Police and the Military stormed the guild offices where student leaders largely students with disabilities were addressing the press about several of their colleagues who were hospitalized following army and police raid on Thursday night.

In the middle of the press conference, security personnel comprising of police and the military ordered the students out of the room and directed the journalists to delete the footage.

Some gadgets belonging to the journalists were destroyed.

On Thursday night, heavily armed military officers stormed Lumumba Hall, one of the largest male students’ residences.

Students say more than 60 rooms were broken into and soldiers smashed the students’ properties as well as forcing the students to seek refuge outside the university.

Gerald Tunywane, a Guild Representative Councilor for Lumumba Hall said he was forced out of his room late at night.

He said police would fire tire gas inside the hall premises and wait for students who escape the teargas through windows and arrest them.

Abas Luyombo, a student with disabilities representative at the students’ guild and 3rd-year student of law at Makerere described the situation at the university as regrettable.

Luyombo also denied claims by the university management that the strike was instigated by students looking for political gains.

Luyombo before his press briefing was stopped

Marion Kirabo, a 4th-year student of law and guild minister for gender, ethics and integrity said the military raids on student residences were done after they shut down the street lights at night.

According to Kirabo, there is a systemic administrative challenge at Makerere that government seems to be ignoring.

“Some people think it’s the students that are problematic but these were the same things that MUASA was fighting last year,” Kirabo said.

In a statement released by the university authorities on Thursday, Dr Muhammed Kiggundu Musoke, the university publicist said the fees increment policy was reached through a report by the special committee of the guild representatives and as such, students were fully consulted.

But Kirabo, who was part of the seven-member special committee, says the report was hijacked by university management who bribed her colleagues and immediately arranged a press conference for the students’ leaders to pronounce themselves in support of the increment.

Judith Nalukwago, the Vice Guild President says that unless increment is revoked, they are not shaken by what is happening to them.



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  1. I want to Express my views on what is going on in Makerere university.
    You know, that is lack of being grateful, when God has given you the opportunity to study and you think by causing problems you can amount to anything I think that is total deception.
    The world is not for people like that if you allow satan to influence you today, you will pay the price tomorrow.
    Some of us we failed to get that privilege of studying but we had no body to blame and we humbled our selves and now God is lifting us.
    One day in my seminary life the student body decided to protest against food but in my opinion I went to the seminary knowing my motives so I would not allow food distruct me and I was the only one who did not join that kind of satanic act.

    Coming back to Makerere university one thing you must know is that there is no single time in life were things will go down.
    Every time things tend to go up there is a message being spoken in the realm of the spirit that harden your self and let your status move up simple.
    During Christmas season they are singing “Joy to the world” yet you find prices of everything has gone up. So when they increase tuition joy to the student what you get cheaply you cannot value.
    I finish with this
    Remember you will always reap what you sow for politician’s who are trying to fuel this kind of indiscipline acts of infidels, you will reap the same and your generations will forever be in total mess.
    I pray for peace in that institution and I condemn any form of satanic act in that institution in the name of Jesus.
    Ap Francis Manano Repairer of Destinies.

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