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Scientists closer to wiping HIV out of body

France’s CNRS research institute says it has found a new way to zoom in on AIDS virus hideout

Scientists have found a way to pinpoint elusive white blood cells which will provide a hideout for the AIDS virus in people taking anti-HIV drugs.

These “reservoir” cells have long been a holy grail in the quest to wipe out AIDS and the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) that causes it.

The new discovery will pave way to a better fundamental understanding of viral reservoirs according to France’s CNRS research institute, which took part in the study.

“In the longer term, it should lead to therapeutic strategies aiming to eliminate the latent virus,” it added in a statement.

There is no cure for HIV, and infected people have to take virus-suppressing drugs for life.

This is because a small number of immune system cells, in a category of cell called CD4 T lymphocytes, provide a haven for the virus, enabling it to re-emerge and spread if treatment is stopped — even after decades.

In tests using the blood of HIV patients, the researchers managed to spot a protein, dubbed CD32a, on the surface of virus-infected reservoir cells.

It was absent from healthy cells.

Such a “marker” has proved very difficult to find, explained AIDS researcher Douglas Richman from the University of California San Diego, who did not take part in the study.

A person infected with HIV has about 200 billion CD4 T cells, of which only one in a million act as virus reservoirs.

Two per cent of the body’s CD4 T cells (some four billion) are found in the approximately five litres of blood in an adult human, said Richman.

This means that a 100-millilitre blood sample would contain about 80 million CD4 T cells, of which around 80 would be virus reservoirs.

Whether CD32a plays an active part in enabling the virus to hole up in CD4 cells is a big question.

If so, it could throw open a tempting target for drugs to block the stealthy process.

While describing the study as “potentially seminal”, Richman cautioned that CD32a was a marker found in only about half of CD4 T reservoir cells.

The findings were published in Nature.


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  1. They will never cure HIV or AIDS because they make more money poisoning us with the drugs ..I have wanting to on a trail for hiv cure but they do no trail in the United States .

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