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Scabies outbreak confirmed in Amuru district


Amuru, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | There is a reported outbreak of scabies in Lamogi and Pabo Sub counties in Amuru district. Scabies is a contagious skin disease which presents with itching and small raised red spots caused by the itch mite.

Jessica Adokorach, a resident of Okojo in Labala Parish in Pabo sub county says she started feeling itchy and scratched herself leading to the development of wounds. She says the contagious disease has spread to two of her children.

Molly Oroma says her three children have also contracted the skin disease adding that she now bathes them with warm water mixed with detergents.

Dr. Patrick Odong Olwedo, the Amuru District Health Officer says they are aware of the outbreak. He says the disease surveillance team is yet to establish the magnitude of the problem before writing to Ministry of Health for intervention.

He says that since they hadn’t registered a case of the skin problem, National Medical Stores hasn’t been supplying them with the required medication.

Lucy Akello, the Amuru District Woman Member of parliament says there is need for Ministry of Health not to just focus on fighting coronavirus and yet there are other disease infecting and killing people in the rural Uganda.



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