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Russians prepare for World War Three

US fired over 100 missiles at Syria but the situation remained unchanged

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | A Russian state TV station has told people what food they should take into bomb shelters as fears grow about the start of World War Three.

Kremlin-owned Rossiya-24 said that there were lots of scare stories around, but then went on to tell people to pack iodine to protect themselves from radiation.

The warnings come as the crisis over the situation in Syria continues to deepen. Presenters told people they should avoid pasta and leave chocolate and sweets above ground.

The bomb shell advice included stated: “The food supply for doomsday includes many items but the main idea behind packing an emergency stock is less sweets, more water.”

“Sweets cause thirst and water will become the most precious source for residents of bomb shelters,” they said. Viewers were told to pack rice – ‘it can be stored for up to eight years, oatmeal for three to seven years’, tinned meat, canned fish, powdered milk, sugar, and salt.

Russian tradition suggests we should buy pasta in times of cataclysms. Experts ‘say that it is also necessary to take supplies of medicines with iodine that help body deal with radiation’.


  1. Joshua Eriezer Isabirye

    Russia hasn’t the resistance to withsatnd the mighty of the western powers jointly as they plan an attack.
    The Russian government is using propaganda to sho her nationals that it can aggressively resist but the way the locals are being advised to get food that can last for many years is a clear sign they are not ready to fight.

  2. Russia would be fool hearty to commence a war against the USA and our allies! Russia would not stand a chance against the Western World. Russia knows this and Russia is just tooting it’s big horn for its people! Total propaganda! Russia (Putin) was and is complicit with Syria (Bashar) in murdering Syrian (Khan Shiekhoun) natives with the egregious act of chemical warfare! USA can and will not stand idly by while these war actions take place, thank God! United we stand and divided we fall! Not today! Amen!????❤️???

  3. Truthfully I am hoping that this is a false narrative to keep the cabal uncertain of their future. I am hoping that Russia and the US continue to work together at destroying the NWO. The only way is in unity of the stronger countries joining forces as allies. The only ones who benefit from war are those backing it and pushing for it. I pray these war misers are exposed for what they are once and for all. If people would just stop following orders and do what was right the cabal would have no power over us. Is it really worth the dirty money to sell out your country? The corruption, power, greed of these miserable nasty people is their only driving force. Remember one thing. There’s more of us than them and they are praying that nobody figures it out, unites and fights back.

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