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Putin proposes mending Russia-U.S. ties in info security

Moscow, Russia | XINHUA | Russian President Vladimir Putin appealed on Friday to the United States to improve cooperation on international information security. “One of the main strategic challenges today is the risk of a large-scale confrontation in the digital sphere. A special responsibility for its prevention lies with the …

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Russia slams U.S. policy of forming alliances against third countries

Kampala, Uganda | XINHUA |    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has criticized the U.S. policy of forming alliances against third countries, including China. Responding to a question about Washington’s attempt to pitting other countries against China, Lavrov said “the policy is alien to us.” “Neither Russia, nor China, nor our …

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U.S.-Russia tensions in Arctic may escalate amid global warming

  Washington, US | XINHUA | As global warming has made navigating Arctic waters more feasible, tensions in the region between the United States and Russia could escalate, analysts have said. “Arctic activity will increase with global warming, so frictions are likely to follow naturally,” Douglas Paal, vice president for …

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Putin approves Russian national development goals through 2030

Moscow, Russia | XINHUA | Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Tuesday instructing the government to implement a set of national development goals by 2030. The decree published by the Kremlin said the country aims to achieve breakthrough developments, increase its population and raise living standards. Other goals include …

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Russia vows retaliation if rights under Open Skies treaty hurt

Moscow, Russia | XINHUA | Russia will take retaliatory measures if there are attempts to limit its rights under the Treaty on Open Skies, after the United States decided to withdraw from the deal, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Wednesday. “No scenarios are excluded,” the ministry said in a statement, …

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Ugandans, South Sudanese win Russian state scholarships

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Russian Embassy in Kampala has approved a list of candidates from Uganda and South Sudan proposed for the Russian State Scholarship. The 16 Ugandans and five South Sudanese win scholarships to study at the Russian universities within the quota for international students provided …

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