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RDC halts allocation of space in new Tororo market

The new market that is yet to fully open in Tororo. 

Tororo, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Nixon Owole the Tororo Resident District Commissioner has ordered the municipal council authorities to halt the ongoing allocation of space to vendors in the new market.

According to Owole, his office and that of the District Police Commander have received several reports and complaints from market vendors claiming that they have not been allocated space.

Last month, the municipal authorities started the process of allocating space to vendors in the newly constructed market.

Some vendors have protested how the municipal authorities distributed the lockups and other spaces in the market. Over 1000 vendors whose names missed out on the list stormed the offices of the Mayor demanding answers why they were not considered.

Owole asked the disputes resolution committee to first handle complaints before they resume the allocation of space. He adds that the vendors in the old market should be considered first.

Orono Nyapidi, the Mayor Tororo municipality said they will abide by the RDC’s directive until they address the grievances of the vendors.

Paul Omoko, the Chairperson of the Market says that the market can accommodate 1,750 vendors. He says that there are plans to renovate the old market and accommodate more traders.

John Okea, the Tororo LCV Chairperson asked the municipality authorities to look into solving the grievances by allocating space to the vendors who have missed out.



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