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Prof Nawangwe pins MP Zaake for threatening to beat him

FILE PHOTO: Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT  | Makerere University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe has pinned Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake for threatening to beat him up in order to stir more chaos at Makerere University.

Nawangwe was today appearing before the Parliamentary Committee of Rules, Discipline and Privileges, which is investigating Zaake’s conduct on the day Makerere University Administrators were invited by the Education committee to explain more about the 15 percent cumulative increment on tuition and the impasse that paralyzed the university a month ago.

Zaake hurled insults at him, reminding him several times to watch out, and behave. We called his name several times before he was forced out of the room by fellow legislators. Even on the way out Zaake maintained his outbursts and caution towards the Vice Chancellor.

Nawangwe told the Rules committee today that Zaake disturbed him all through the committee and interrupted other Makerere University officials behaving in a very un-parliamentary manner, and reminding them that he will use his networks among the students to ensure that the strike continues.

Nawangwe added that he was particularly disturbed by a threat to be beaten if he doesn’t change his attitude. According to Nawangwe, Zaake’s aim was to intimidate him through making false allegations about girlfriends and how they were spying on his behalf.

Nawangwe says the conduct of the MP was shocking adding that he needs assurance that such an incident will not happen again if he is summoned to parliament.

According to the Committee Chairperson Clement Obote Ongalo, on Wednesday they will host Zaake before they come up with a final ruling on the matter. He says Nawangwe’s major concern is the hostility he was subjected to.



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