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Poor infrastructure frustrates real estate development

By Patrick Kagenda

Lack of access roads, water and sewerage and electricity networks lead to a doubling of the cost of building and owning of a home or real estate development as it’s popularly known in Uganda.

Housing experts say if government could put in place infrastructure, turn key houses could become affordable by anyone with gainful income.

Experts say houses are beyond the reach of most people because 60% of the cost goes on infrastructure development while 20% is the cost of construction and the other 20% is for the time lag a client spends paying for the house.

They are also calling for the speedy enactment of the condominium law to encourage more economical land use as developers shift from single storied homes that leave no land for other developments. The biggest estate in Uganda could have just 70 homes and priced at hundreds of millions of shillings way above the ordinary Ugandan’s earning. Not surprisingly, most of major housing projects are named after European and American cities, towns, and neighbor ” Kensington, Nationwide, and Royal Palm – with European architecture to match. The target market is not ordinary Ugandan but Ugandans with international exposure and dollars to spend.

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