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Police to reinstate operation Fika Salama as road carnage continues


Faridah Nampiima

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDNET | Police have announced the reinstatement of Operation Fika Salama among other interventions in a bid to contain fatalities on Ugandan roads. 

In the past two months, over 250 people have been killed on Ugandan roads.

Pioneered in 2016 by the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) and enforced by Traffic Police and other sister security agencies, Operation Fika Salama was a special intervention aimed at checking on errant drivers on major highways.

Several checkpoints were erected on various roads but whereas these are still available, they have not been as serious as before.

Addressing journalists June 6, Traffic Police spokesperson, Faridah Nampiima said in the wake of continued road carnage, they have resolved to resume serious operations targeting drivers on the road.

We are re-launching the Fika Salama operations at our Fika Salama checkpoints which will operate 24 hours and seven days. To this, we are going to add more manpower,” Nampiima said.

She explained that they are to establish checkpoints at newly identified black spots on the road which will also be manned day and night as well as increase motorized patrols.

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