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Police stop Bobi Wine campaign, taking him back to Magere

The helicopter in Kalangala believed to be flying Bobi Wine back to Kampala
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Kalangala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT & URN | Police has halted planned campaign rallies by Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine in Kalangala, and taking him back to his home in Magere, Kampala. He advance team, have all been arrested.

Police issued a statement soon after the National Unity Party said their leader had been arrested.

Kyagulanyi was expected to campaign in Kyamuswa County areas including  Kachanga- Kacungwa in Mazinga Sub County, Kisaba, Namisoke and Misonzi and Kalangala Town Council at Kaala Play ground.

However, he was blocked by the army and police from proceeding to the campaign venues.

More than thirty NUP supporters who were accompanying Kyagulanyi were also arrested including his chief bodyguard Eddie Mutwe.



Please disregard false claims by NUP and other social media platforms that Hon.Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert has been arrested, while on his campaign trail in Kalangala District.

We would like to clarify that the candidate was restrained for continuously holding massive rallies amidst the increased threats of coronavirus, in total disregard of the Electoral commission and Ministry of health guidelines. He’s being transferred to his home in Magere, Kampala

Part of his advance team, captured on Cctv cameras and several video footages, while deflating tyres of police motor vehicles , inciting violence, obstructing police officers on duty, violating the health and safety protocols and various traffic offences, have been arrested.



  1. “Part of his advance team, captured on Cctv cameras and several video footages, while deflating tyres of police motor vehicles …”
    Bobi Wine is a public nuisance and he was, in essence, going to cause a blood bath in Kalangala. Had the police not intervened in time in Kalangala to remove him, they would now be counting the number of the dead. Christians should continue praying so that lives are saved rather than sacrificed by Bobi Wine. The Electoral Commission should restrict this guy. In Tanzania, the EC restricted the candidate who did not follow their rules especially close to the election day to avert violence. By this time most serious likely voters already know who they’re going to vote for. Moreover, it is a fact that Bobi Wine has lost most of his formerly misguided supporters in the rest of the country. Bobi Wine also wears a bulletproof vest and a battle helmet as if in a war zone. This means that when there is a confrontation with the police he’s not likely to take in any bullets. He has strategized in such a way that it will be his supporters/bystanders who are his likely victims to be sacrificed at his altar when bullets ring out when he provokes the security forces. In other words, he is bloodthirsty.

    • Hey Victor,

      First off, Happy New Year.

      The more I read your comments, the more I am convinced that you are a troll.

      What you are saying is obviously false.

      While I respect your right to ‘free speech’ and opinion, I do not agree with your lies – which you peddle so liberally.

      Kindly stick to the facts.

      You are free to your choice of backwardness and dictatorship (35 years in power is really backward – and quite frankly does not do Uganda any good), while many of us would prefer political progress and continuity.

      Stay safe.


  2. Right

  3. Dear Dan Mukwano,

    Happy new year sir!
    I would defend with my life your right to free speech even if I were to be in total disagreement with what you have to say. Embedded in that right is your right to disagree as you have done with what another (in this case Victor) says.
    However I wish you would elaborate on your assertions. You say Victor is a troll. Teach how to recognise trolls!
    You ask Victor to stick to the facts and you assert that he tells lies, but you do not address a single one of his lies.
    Instead of attacking what he says, it seems to me you are attacking the author himself/herself!. Isn’t such attack of the author (instead of responding to the content of his message) what trolling is about; like YOU trolling him maybe?
    Seriously, don’t just abuse the man/woman; give us some facts yourself and expose the lies!
    Stay well.

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