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Police rescues South African hostages

By Aloysious Kasoma

Police has rescued two South African citizens from their captors in Butabika, a Kampala suburb. According to Police, the victims have been identified as Dedre Audrey and Willem Jacobus Benjamin.

Police Spokesperson Vicent Ssekate told the Independent that the hostages were convinced by the Member of Parliament Hon. Kipoi Tony Nsubuga of Bubulo East constituency to come and work in Uganda when he went to South Africa.

“Kipoi paid for their trip, they wanted to come to Uganda because they loved it and they didn’t know what they were going to do,” Ssekate said.

Ssekate said that the victims were introduced to the MP by the Man called Michael who sometimes calls himself Yusuf. He added that they were starving and abandoned in the house forcing them to take Morphine before the MP was arrested.

Police say the duo were lured to Uganda by MP who promised to give them jobs in the transport sector.

“Our investigations show that the duo were being recruited to traffic drugs,” Police said.

When the MP was arrested for engaging in subversive activities, his brother took newspapers where he appeared in hand cuffs and convinced them that they too are on the wanted list of Police.

On 23 December 2012, the Police with its sister security agencies, arrested Hon. Kipoi at 10:30 in Matimuku Guest House, Njala Village , Fortportal, Kabarole district, while he was holding a meeting with some Ugandan security officers and Congolese rebel officers.

Police say the captors demanded 80,000 South African rand approximately 24.8m shillings in order for them not to be handed over to Police and then they were taken to another apartment.

Ssekate says the duo did not have the money and their captors tried to reach their father to raise the money. He said they received a stress call and tracked it until they were rescued.

“We have discovered that these are innocent people, brought here to be recruited into drug business,” Police said.

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