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Pallisa district fails to recruit teachers, health workers for three years

FILE PHOTO: Pallisa district has a shortfall of about 200 teachers.

Pallisa, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Pallisa district has failed to recruit teachers and health workers for the past three years.

The Pallisa District Chief Administrative officer Joseph Mayila Mukasa says that the district last conducted interviews three years ago before Butebo district was carved out of Pallisa.

Mukasa says that the district has a shortfall of about 200 teachers and unspecified number of health workers. He however says that they have a challenge of recruiting staff due to the coding and the wage bill.

Mukasa explains that when Butebo was curved out of Pallisa district in 2018, Kibaale county was transferred to Butebo but after disagreements between the two districts, the country returned under Pallisa.

He, however says that since the coding of schools had already been taken to Butebo, they faced difficulties to recruit teachers since they can’t be enrolled on the Busia district payroll.

John Micheal Okurut, the Pallisa district LCV chairperson says that failure to recruit staff for the last three years has affected service delivery in the district.

Okurut said that the Ministry of Public service is reluctant to resolve the issue of coding of Pallisa district.

The Kibale County Member of Parliament Richard Oseku said that there are political wrangles in the district that have made it difficult to resolve matters that affect service delivery.

“We need to shift our wars and proceed to recruit and battle with the issue of the access to the payroll such that we don’t lose time,” he said.



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