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Over 700 driving licenses issued in Lira in a week

Ministry of Works and Transport last week launched the issuance of driving licence in Lira City. The achievement marks the end of nightmare for many acquiring driving permits for Lango Region. Health Minister Dr Ruth Aceng presided over the occassion.

Lira, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | At least 745 motorists in Lango sub-region have secured their driving licenses during the week-long exercise by the Uganda Driver Licensing System.

Last week, the Ministry of Works and Transport opened the “Mobile licensing System” in Lira City and kick-started the issuance of driving licenses to drivers and other motorists in the sub-region.

By end of the week, the operators had received 1,170 applications, issued 745 licenses, and received 450 new applicants who are still undergoing vehicle driving tests.

Peterson Mandera, the Uganda Security Printing Company Ltd team leader, says that the exercise was a success because they achieved their target of giving licenses to motorists.

Mandera says that about 50 motorists could not acquire licenses because they either failed or feared undergoing driving tests.

Godfrey Aguma Ayang, a businessman in Lira City who renewed his license during the week described the process as “relieving” compared to his first experience in 2013 when it took him about three months to acquire the permit.

Lawrence Ogwal, a motorcyclist in Lira wants the team to consider operating the Mobile Licensing System regularly to save people who came from the far ends of Lango to Gulu.

Haggard Otim, an Instructure from Nelkoo Driving School, which produces at least 100 drivers after every three months, says processing driving license for their learners is still a huge challenge that can only be solved if a permanent driving license center is set up in Lira.

Currently, the nearest driving license issuing center for Lango is situated in Gulu, serving Acholi, Lango, and West Nile sub-regions.



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